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Free Templates in PowerPoint format
Game Templates for Interactive Learning
Jeopardy, Millionaire, Fling the Teacher, More


Free Game Templates

Picture revealed template game by Alan Parkinson (easy to adapt!)

Fling the Teacher template - free for non-profits

Parade of Games with Templates for PowerPoint  
Bingo, Idea Map, Hunt, and more

My Questions - Right and Wrong Feedback template
A simple template for making questions that link to right and wrong feedback

Fun and Game Templates

Games (Jefferson Schools)

Activities in PowerPoint format (templates, pre-made games)

Jeopardy Games  

Free powerpoint game templates that require editing (create your own games) 

Be a TV game host - free powerpoint templates (edit and add your own questions and answers) for Concentration, Deal or NO Deal, Pyramid, Family Feud, and more

Science Templates for Games

Template to help you create your own game in PowerPoint format
This template provides a generic shell for starting a game. Slides: Title, story, directions, game preparation, game pieces, play the game, objectives, credits, copyright

Activities in PowerPoint format (templates, pre-made games)

Games in PowerPoint format (ready to play)



More Free Templates with shapes, cartoons, history, holidays, and more!

How to download and use free templates

Free Clipart

FREE Tutorials 
How to make a presentation in PowerPoint format, add music and motion

Free Ready Made Powerpoints
for Kids & Teachers

Free Online Educational Interactive Games & Activities for Kids

Free Lesson Plans

Free Video Clips

More Free Stuff for Kids & Teachers 

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